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1. What If I Want To Learn More?

Don't worry, just email us and we will provide with plenty of additional information!

2. Is Stretching Important?

Yes stretching is important; however the type and timing of stretching also matters.

Studies show static stretching (holding a position) before workouts reduces strength, whereas dynamic stretching (stretching by movements) in fact increases strength.

Static stretching should be left until after training to increase flexibility.

3. Are Supplements Necessary?

Supplements are helpful in achieving goals as they allow you to consume exactly what you want.

However, too many people believe that without them, their workouts are without reward.

Most supplements merely make for a more convenient way to consume the nutrients you choose.

That being said, you can easily achieve everything you want by planning out and choosing the correct meals.

4. Should I Lift Heavy Or Light?

Both have their pros and cons; view our General Tips page for more information.

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